Developmental communication in the changing climate: turning data into narrative for influence

Course Date:   November 14-17, 2018


A residential training programme on data management, analysis, visualisation and outreach for building influence and garnering support

What gets measured, gets managed – goes the saying. But what gets measured must be analysed and communicated; if it is not, it cannot be managed. We live in a time of an explosion of data and information in every field. Managing and analysing this data and information demands special skills. Processed and communicated well, this data becomes an excellent outreach tool, capable of making far-reaching impacts and gaining leverage.

The Anil Agarwal Environment Training Institute, a Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) initiative, invites applications and nominations for its four-day residential training programme on data management, analysis, visualization and outreach.

What will this programme teach :

  • Data sourcing – how to use smart tools and techniques to find the right data to tell your stories
  • Managing data – the best practices
  • Statistics and data analysis
  • Using data - open data and big data for socio-economic research, development and advocacy
  • Using data -- for impactful communication and outreach, informed decision-making andeffective governance
  • Using data – for building support, fundraising and engaging with allies
  • Data visualisation tools and techniques -- for news, reports, research papers, studies, proposals, etcto communicate effectively across multiple platforms

Who is this programme meant for:
Professionals working with non-profits, media, government departments & agencies, research institutions, academic centres, business organisations and environmental consultancies – anyone who wants to raise his/her professional profile by sharpening the basic skills of data analysis and presentation for communicating research, reports and stories using numbers.

November 14-17, 2018

AAETI Campus, Nimli, Alwar, Rajasthan


  • Rs 21,400 per person (for double occupancy hostels)
  • Rs 33,000 per person (for single occupancy hostels)
  • This fees covers pick-up and drop from/to Delhi, boarding and lodging in Nimli, all training costs, and use of recreational facilities (gym etc) at Nimli
  • Complete fees to be paid in advance through net banking or cheque drawn in favour of Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi

Experts and practitioners from Centre for Science and Environment, Down To Earth magazine, Microsoft, SocialCops, Central Pollution Control Board, FAO, World Bank and the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD)

Training methodology
Classroom lectures, presentations, case studies, group exercises, assignments and discussions


You can also apply or nominate professionals from your organisation for it by sending an email with the following details to with a copy to

  • Name:
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For more details, contact: Kiran Pandey, Programme Director - Information Management. CSE, +91 9871215338,

Participants response to the training.  
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Participants List

"The use of infographics in data appreciation was very interesting. The key learning is the flow charting of information and how to process it. I learnt how to design infographics tailored to our needs."

Eric Pinto, Civil Engineer, Green Brigade, Goa

"Perspectives that I received from the trainers and faculty members widened my perception on how data can be used, impacting social enterprises, benefiting the society. Curriculum was well designed. "

Madhu Madhavan, Founder & CEO, Qsutra, Bangalore, Karnataka

"Data visualisation changed my perspective on how data can be utilised for effective advocacy. "

Nitin Bajpai, Technical Expert, Population Foundation, Delhi

"This Course is very relevant and apt for people who are in the process of decision making based on data analysis and modeling. We were exposed to various tools which are relevant in transforming, collating and analysing and taking decisions. Exposed to methodologies on how we can build up stories which are meaningful and can catch the right audience. Came to know about tools to make our data more effective. The learning experience can be straightaway applied in our organisation when we go back."

Commander Arun Kumar Mishra, Chief Academics Officer, Dakshana Foundation, Pune, Maharashtra

"In a government set up we used to work in traditional ways, the workshop gave us an opportunity to learn new things which we can apply in our workplace with regard to using of data in an effective manner."

S. Sudalaimani, Assistant Secretary (Technical) National Silkworm Seed Organization (NSSO), Central Silk Board (CSB), Bangalore, Karnataka

"My work involved data compilation and report compilation from different parts of country regarding cocoon production and raw silk production. Data interpretation and data analysis was very useful and interesting."

Dr. G. Srinivasa, Scientist - D, National Silkworm Seed Organization (NSSO), Central Silk Board (CSB), Bangalore, Karnataka

" Structuring, processing, analysing and presenting information with visuals was the most interesting part of the workshop. The content and methods are useful for our work on data management, analysis and presentation. We are developing factsheets on status of land, agriculture etc. This training is useful to develop these factsheets better.

P. Raghu, Freelance Head - Land & Livelihood Knowledge Hub, ActionAid, Delhi

"I have learnt how to use data for development. It will help us develop village development plans. The learnings can help us in preparing presentations on the government data."

Vikramsinh Solanki, Project Coordinator, Foundation for Ecological Security (FES), Dahod, Gujarat

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