GSP Audit@Home: An online environmental survey for households

Dear Young Environmentalist,

Greetings from the Green Schools Programme (GSP)!

We hope that you are staying safe and healthy through these testing times. You may have stopped going to school, but the learning continues at home!

With so many changes happening around, there is one thing that deserves your complete attention: YOUR HOME!

Just like our routine health check-ups, our homes also need regular care. How much energy do we consume? How much water different activities account for? What is the air quality around the house? How is our household waste managed? Acting on all these questions will not just make our house a healthier place to live but will also make us a conscious inhabitant of our biggest home, Planet Earth.

GSP brings to you a fun way to assess your homes. A quick online survey to rate your household practices and adopt greener ones -  GSP AUDIT@HOME!

Let us learn to manage our household resources efficiently by answering questions that make us think about our consumption patterns and practices with respect to air, energy, food, land, water, and waste. Monitor, assess, and improve your household practices!

Begin the survey TODAY and assess your home!

You will find all the details about the survey once you click on the link below. Please read the instructions very carefully before starting. After submitting the survey, a score sheet will be shared with you with suggestions for improvement based on your score.

Participate to make your home a better place!

The last date to submit the survey is  Monday, 20 July 2020. Get started now!*


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Please write to for any queries.