DESERTIFICATION: Global South Media Briefing for Indian & African Journalists

September 5-8, 2019

New Delhi, India 

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi (India) is organising a Global South Media Briefing on Desertification, to be held from September 5-8, 2019. 

The briefing will be conducted over two days at India Habitat Centre, in Delhi. It will be followed by an outstation field trip to Laporiya, Rajasthan. 

A special issue of Down To Earth magazine - on desertification - will be released on the occasion. The issue would contain contributions from Indian as well as African writers. 

CSE has a long and illustrious legacy of having worked on some of the fundamental issues related to desertification - water conservation and management; the politics and science of droughts; climate change, adaptation and mitigation, among other things. This media briefing would be expected to bring together experts on land degradation, water management and conservation, climate change etc to demystify the real concerns in desertification - especially in the context of two regions which are the most affected by it: India and Africa. 

Though the briefing coincides with the 14th Conference of Parties (CoP) of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), which will be hosted by India in September, it is not related in any way to the UN event. In fact, it is expected to offer a unique and additional perspective on this issue to journalists. 


Ashwini Sharma

Daniel Aghan Odongo
Pijush Ash Pradip srivastav
Priyaranjan Sahu Rishika Pardikar
Everline Komutunga Vincent Ayaka Yusuf

For more information, contact Sukanya Nair, / 8816818864



Field Trip note

Field Trip to Laporiya, Rajasthan
September 7-8, 2019

Working Paper

IS It Time for a Unified Land-based Carbon Sink Mechanism? [pdf]

Union MOEF&CC Minister Prakash Javadekar's video address to journalists on desertification

Devinder Sharma
Pushpam Kumar
Chandra Bhushan

List of Participants




Who does REDD+ help? Lessons from Asia and Africa [pdf]
Chandra Bhushan
Land Tenures and Afforestation [pdf]
Geetanjoy Sahu
Appraisal of the state of affairs in Africa [pdf]
Komutunga Everline
Communities and Conservation [pdf]
Neema Pathak Broome
Economics of Land Degradation Neutrality [pdf]
Pushpam Kumar
Case Study of Rajasthan - State Strategies [pdf]
Anju Bhalla
Extreme Weather - The Flood and Drought Equation [pdf]
Dr K J Ramesh


Rio’s stepchild: Must become the parent in our climate-risked world [pdf]
Sunita Narain
Water security in an age of climate risk: learning from traditional knowledge [pdf]
Sunita Narain
Setting the tone: The importance of water and its managemen [pdf]
Susmita Sengupta
Unholy connect: Aerosols and desertification [pdf]
Krishna AchutaRao
Climate Conundrums: Heat Rise, Dust Storms and Desertification Climate Conundrums [pdf]
Combating Desertification: Negotiating land tenure, forest and zoning regulations to secure the Aravalli hills of Haryana India. [pdf]
Chetan Agarwal
Desertification in India’s Arid Zone Stemming the Flow [pdf]
Dr. P.C.Moharana

Down To Earth

ENGLISH [pdf] HINDI [pdf]

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