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DTE Stories on Climate Change

Cop-out Eco-socialism to fight climate change US Senate committee approves blocking EU's aviation emissions tax Death knell sounded for dirty carbon credits from coal Doubts persist over Green Climate Fund taking off at Doha 'Ganga basin temperatures to rise by 1-2°C by 2050' More >>

Factsheet: The emissions imbalance

In 2007, the US had less than 5 per cent of the global population, but it accounted for 20 per cent of global CO2 emissions. India, with almost 17 per cent of global population, accounted for less than 5 per cent of the emissions.  More on who is emitting and how much. Read more

Wind break ends

Centre wants to withdraw sops for wind energy sector; offers an incentive to improve performance Wind energy has been the poster child of India’s renewable energy programme. Data released by the government shows the staggering pace at which wind farms have been added across the country.

CSE review: Planning Commission's interim report on low carbon strategies for inclusive growth

The Center for Science and Environment has reviewed the "Interim Report of Expert Group on Low Carbon Strategies for Inclusive Growth" set up by the Planning Commission of India, and has put its comments up for public debate and discussions. CSE's review shows that there is a lack of ambition in the Interim Report and there is no overarching strategy for low carbon strategies for inclusive growth.