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Climate Change

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Global energy transition too slow, needs a ‘low emissions revolution’: IEABy: Avantika Goswami Climate crisis: Heads of least developed countries call for equitable action ahead of COP26By: Avantika Goswami CoP26 progress: China, South Africa boost climate action momentum, but global ambition remains inadequateBy: Avantika Goswami India’s climate action ‘highly insufficient’: New rating systemBy: Avantika Goswami Let’s talk land sinks: Are they enough to beat global warmingBy: Avantika Goswami Carbon budget will exhaust in 10 years at current emission levels: IPCC reportBy: Avantika Goswami, Sushmita Prabhu Humans have caused almost 100% of global warming, says new IPCC reportBy: Avantika Goswami Global warming limit of 1.5°C may be breached by 2040, says new IPCC reportBy: Avantika Goswami ‘There is still time to reverse the climate crisis'By: Avantika Goswami