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Climate Change

President Biden will put US back on Obama’s climate trajectory: Holdren

VIDEO INTERVIEW: John Holdren, science advisor to Obama administration, lists 6 things he thinks Joe Biden would do on climate change President Joe Biden will restore the United States back to the climate action trajectory that former President Barack Obama had put the country on, the Obama administration’s science advisor told Down To Earth (DTE) in an exclusive interview.

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The Anthropocene is characterized by the multi-pronged existential threat of climate change, which in turn is defined by atmospheric warming, rising sea levels, escalating greenhouse gas emissions and the destruction of fragile ecosystems. An added layer of complexity is the important socio-political question: historically, India has not been the greatest emitter of greenhouse gasses (GHGs). An Indian emitted 1.97 tonnes of carbon dioxide (tCO2) annually in 2018, while Americans and Canadians both emitted well over 16 tCO2. India’s per capita emissions were also a fraction of the European Union (6.78 tCO2/person) and China (7.95 tCO2/person), making it the lowest per capita emitter amongst the world’s large economies.