Is There Really Anything to Celebrate?


In the 50 years since the 1972 UN Stockholm Conference on Environment, India has made little progress on key development and climate indicators -- shows CSE’s latest annual statistical compendium

Amind-boggling 71 per cent of our people cannot afford a healthy diet. We dump 72 per cent of our sewage without treatment, mostly into our waterbodies. About 30 per cent of our country’s geographical area is under degradation. Over 29 farmers and farm labourers commit suicide in our country every day.

Numbers do not lie. The data that CSE and Down To Earth magazine’s State of India’s Environment 2022: In Figures brings us, holds up the mirror to an unpleasant reality: that 50 years after the landmark Stockholm conference, we have made insignificant progress; in fact, we might have regressed on some parameters.

Join us for the online launch of this seminal annual publication, released every year to mark the World Environment Day.

Data card SOE in figure

Sukanya Nair,