DTE Webinar on Reporting on Climate Change

Down To Earth magazine (www.downtoearth.org.in) and Centre for Science and Environment (CSE – www.cseindia.org) – both based in New Delhi, India – invite journalists from Africa to a two-hour free webinar and online workshop on `Reporting on Climate Change'. The webinar and workshop is being organised in association with Ghana Journalists for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (GJESHA).

The workshop will touch upon and provide insights into some of the current and most critical issues and concerns in climate change, with specific reference to Africa. It will also offer skill-building sessions aimed at honing the reporting skills of journalists covering these issues (see the broad programme agenda below).

Down To Earth and CSE have over 25 years of experience in researching, analysing, tracking and reporting on climate change issues from the Global South, including Africa and South Asia. This experience and knowledge would be the cornerstone of this webinar and workshop.

Confirmed participants will receive a package of online reading materials before the workshop, and will be advised to study them before they join the workshop. All participants who attend the complete workshop will receive an e-certificate of participation. This e-certificate will be mailed to the participants within a week after the workshop.

Introduction to the Event and Welcome Address
4.00-4.05 PM
Souparno Banerjee, CSE and Representative of GJESHA
SESSION 3: Writing that Climate Change Story – the Thing about the Source 4.55-5.10 PM
Kiran Pandey, CSE
Q&A: 5.10-5.20 PM
SESSION 1: Climate Change as the Story – the Current Issues that are Making News
4.05-4.20 PM
Tarun Gopalakrishnan, CSE
Q&A: 4.20-4.30 PM
SESSION 4: Understanding Some Basic Tools and Media – Data and Social Media
5.20-5.40 PM
Rajit Sengupta, Down To Earth magazine
Q&A: 5.40-5.55 PM
SESSION 2: Finding the Right Climate Story
4.30-4.45 PM
Richard Mahapatra, Down To Earth magazine
Q&A: 4.45-4.55 PM
Closing Address: Souparno Banerjee, CSE

For any questions or help, please contact
Souparno Banerjee of The CSE Media Resource Centre, souparno@cseindia.org