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Geographical Coordinates: 26°29’58″N , 80°24′10″E Population: 84,072

List of Participants

Aishwarya Varadharajan Research Assistant Centre for Science and Environment Email: Ajeet Kumar Sharma Consultant (FSM) Population Services International Email:


Geographical Coordinates: 25°7’48”N, 82°54’E Population: 37, 185


Geographical Coordinates: 29°24’0”N , 79°7’12”E Population: 49,132

SBM-Urban and CSE launches Practitioner’s Guide on Septage Management

The Guide will act as a ready reckoner for ULBs of 131 flagship cities (identified for implementing effective FSSM) and other urban centres across India for implementing Faecal Sludge Management. Joint Secretary SBM and Mission Director Praveen Prakash (IAS) agreed to send out the practitioner's guide to all State SBM and AMRUT directors as well as flagship ULBs across country. Ministry also requested CSE to translate the guide in Hindi for wider circulation and uptake.   

Why we cannot ignore the poor

 One thing is clear—the solutions must work for the poor, for them to work for the rich Some fortnights ago, I had discussed the issue of poverty and environment. I had then said that the question today is not whether the poor are responsible for environmental degradation but whether environmental management works if it does not address inequality and poverty. Why?