Planning Meeting with NMCG- National Mission Clean Ganga and CSE

Date :  March 8th  2017

Venue : NMCG office,  Delhi

Objective of meeting:  To discussed outcomes of the Ganga Programme and SFD factsheet presentation

Key Discussion

Discussed the way forward on the Capacity building initiative of ULBs in Ganga basin cities. 

CSE discussed the objectives and outcomes of the Ganga programme and further presented the SFDs of the ten selected cities. The meeting served as a medium of sensitising the officials on the subject, where quite a lot of discussion/questions were addressed regarding the need / urgency of FSM and the kind of projects/technologies we'd be looking to implement in the cities. There was a general consensus regarding the fact that central/state governments will not be able to achieve the ambitious aim of providing sewerage systems in all cities- hence the focus should be on OSS. Faecal sludge management in the target cities is going to get worse with the implementation of SBM as more toilets will be constructed, which will result in further production of faecal sludge and septage in Ganga basin towns/cities, which presses the urgency for FSM interventions. Most cities have no interventions in place for excreta management, which evident from discussions can not be addressed by solely through sewerage- FSM can act as supplementary.  It was evident from the ten SFDs of target cities presented that most of them do not treat or safely manage faecal waste,  however instead dump untreated faecal waste in the surrounding environment.  All central, state and local programmes need to “converge” and should recognise faecal waste management as a priority action area. CSE together with NMCG can work on creating innovative solutions which can strengthen FSM. 

NMCG Officials at Meeting - 

  1. U.P. Singh, IAS- Director General

  2. Hitesh Kumar - Executive Director

  3. D.P. Mathuria - Executive Director (Technical)

  4. Madhora Kumar - Senior  Economic and Financial Expert

  5. Rajat. K. Gupta - Senior Specialist

  6. Shreyas Gune - Assistant Director

  7. Pravin Kumar - Director- TIII

  8. Saumuasib Mahopadhay - Environmental Specialist

For further information contact

Ms. Ridhima Gupta
Programme Officer, CSE

Dr Suresh Kumar Rohilla
Programme Director, CSE