• Geographical Coordinates: 29°24’0”N , 79°7’12”E

  • Population: 49,132

Ramnagar is a small town, located in the Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh. The city is 23km north of Varanasi and at a distance of 288km from the state capital, Lucknow. It is connected to Varanasi via road and by temporary pontoon bridge. From a historical point of view, Ramnagar achieved its name and fame for the presence of Ramnagar Fort, which was constructed in the 18th Century on the opposite banks of river Ganges. . City lies in the great Indo-Gangetic plain, at an average altitude of 64 metres above the sea level.

Ramnagar Nagar Panchayat Parishad is spread in an area of 4 sq km. divided into 25 electoral wards. The population density of the city is 13,572 persons per sq.km which is high in comparison to the population density of Uttar Pradesh (828 persons per sq.km). The total slum population of Ramnagar is 1958 which is 3.98% of the total population.

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