• Geographical Coordinates: 25°32’15”N , 87°33’58”E

  • Population: 240,838

Katihar is the administrative headquarter and an important railway junction in the Katihar district of Bihar. The city is located in north eastern part of the state, 80 km west of Bangladesh and 100 km south of Nepal. It is surrounded by Purnea & Bhagalpur district of Bihar in north and west respectively, Sahebganj district (Jharkhand) in south and Malda district and Uttar Dinajpur district (West Bengal) in East. The competitive advantage of Katihar lies in its good rail and road connectivity with the surrounding region and also other parts of the country which gives it the potential to be developed as logistics hub. Katihar is located very close to the River Kosi that is well known for its floods and the saucer shaped topography of the city makes it prone to water logging.

Katihar Municipal Corporation is spread in an area of 33.46 sq km. divided into 45 electoral wards. The population density of the city is 9,437 persons per sq.km which is high in comparison to the population density of Bihar (1102 persons per sq.km). The total slum population of Katihar is 36,389 which is 15% of the total population.

The climate in Katihar is warm and temperate. When compared with winter, the summers have much more rainfall. In Katihar, the average annual temperature is 24.9°C and an average annual rainfall is 1281 mm.

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