NOT IN MY BACKYARD - Solid Waste Mgmt in Indian Cities

January 11, 2017

The book is an attempt to highlight the present status of solid waste management in the country and what should be the way ahead. It is clear that cities are producing more and more waste and solid waste generation in our country is increasing. In such a scenario, we need to re-invent waste management in our country.

The book highlights solutions to this growing problem and shares case studies from cities that have been able to resolve the issue of solid waste management. It is ideal for practitioners, regulators, consultants, NGOs and students.

Apart from the book we have also released a film “NOT IN MY BACKYARD”, containing stories from three cities that have the best solid waste management practises in India (DVD) – Duration: 30 mts.

Authors : Sunita Narain |  Swati Singh Sambyal