Training workshop on CSE's Green Clearance Watch

We recently got together with our partners for a one day training workshop on Green Clearance Watch (GCW) Portal on November 19, 2012. The program brought together our partners who have helped us to cover public hearings around the country and will be working with us in future.

Covering public hearings from all around the country is a large-scale project. It is not possible for CSE alone to shoulder the task. Therefore co-operation of our partners including non-profit groups, environmental organizations, activist, is of utmost importance in this regard.

The aim of the workshop was to discuss the challenges that our communities encounter in the face of developmental pressures, the ground realities of public hearings and developing a working model with our partners to get public hearings covered and make information available in the public domain at the earliest. The workshop also had a training component focusing on the navigation of the GCW website and getting information, technical aspects of coverage of the public hearing such as recording the public hearing and making it available for people to review.

We extend our thanks to all our partners who attended the program and pledged to work and co-ordinate with us in this effort. Their enthusiastic participation in the workshop and support boosts our hope to work on issues that can bring transparency and fairness in the bureaucratic processes that involve the granting of environmental and forest clearances, the award/granting of which are critical for conservation of natural resources and environmental protection.

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