Decentralized wastewater management in Chunar, Uttar Pradesh | DTE Water Series

From the galis of Lucknow to the ghats of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh is a state with many faces and dimensions. The state has a population of about 24 crore (2011), of which 70% live in rural areas. But in recent years, Indian villages have been quickly transforming into urban spaces. This rapid urbanisation has been a major challenge for Uttar Pradesh in the past couple of years. Especially, when it comes to wastewater and septage management. Over the past few decades, the health of river Ganga had been substantially affected by the mixing of sewage and household septic waste via open drains ending into the river. River Ganga which flows through 28 districts of the state is in a dire situation. But today, a small town located in the Mirzapur district on the banks of Ganga and Jargo is showing Uttar Pradesh how to efficiently manage its septage waste while also questioning its inclusive wastewater management journey.