Government of Odisha forms an Advisory Committee for Rejuvenation of water bodies and aquifer management under AMRUT 2.0

Dates: January 19, 2022    

Housing and Urban Development, Government of Odisha has formed an advisory committee dedicated for revival of urban waterbodies and aquifer management under the AMRUT 2.0 programme. Dr Suresh Kumar Rohilla, Senior Director, CSE & Academic Director, School of Water & Waste, AAETI has been appointed as an expert member for this advisory committee.

The Advisory Committee will be responsible for advising the Department on the following points:

  • Prioritize management of urban aquifer systems towards its pursuit of water secure cities.
  • Develop sound strategies for management of groundwater resources and prepare City Aquifer Management Plan.
  • Aquifer mapping in cities to identify recharge and discharge zones and integrate aquifer management into urban planning.
  • Annual groundwater balance report to ascertain the current and future availability of groundwater.
  • Rejuvenation of water bodies (including urban wetland).
  • Any other matter as and when required by the Department. 

The tenure of Committee is co-terminus with AMRUT 2.0 Mission.