Orientation Workshop: Preparation of Excreta Flow Diagrams (SFDs)

This event is now completed

Excreta Flow Diagrams (also often described as SFDs - shit flow diagram) have been recognised as an innovative way of visualizing excreta management in cities, towns and / or municipalities. It provides an easy-to-interpret visualisation of the fate of human excreta through the sanitation value chain. An excreta flow shows how excreta is or is not contained as it moves from defaecation to disposal or end‑use, and the fate of all excreta generated. An accompanying report describes the service delivery context of the city, town or municipality. The tool is useful for the South African context as many towns, cities and municipalities often use more than one type of sanitation system; the SFD presents a visualisation of where greater priority is required whether systems are sewered or non-sewered and thus aid planning and management. 

The Water Research Commission (WRC) together with the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) is organizing a SFD Orientation Workshop as part of a national strategy to roll-out SFDs. The orientation workshop is aimed at familiarizing the interested parties to SFDs and faecal sludge management sector players. The workshop is compulsory to those parties that have submitted an EOI to the WRC to be part of the National SFD programme but it is not limited to only those parties; any other interested stakeholders who have an interest in SFDs are welcome to join. 


  1. Welcome – Jay Bhagwan – 5min
  2. FSM & Expectations & Benefits of SFDs – Sudhir Pillay – 20 min
  3. An overview of SFD tools and modules – Dhruv Parischa / Harsh Yadava – 40 minutes
    1. SFD: An Overview
    2. How do we interpret an SFD?
    3. How do we prepare an SFD?
  4. Learnings from the global SFD Promotion Initiative - Dhruv Pasricha – 20 min
  5. WRC strategy and roll-out plans/expectations – Sudhir Pillay – 15 minutes
  6. Discussion & Questions – 20 min

For more details, contact:

Dr Sudhir Pillay
Research Manager: Sanitation, WRC
Email: sudhirp@wrc.org.za

Jay Bhagwan
Executive Manager, WRC
Email: jayb@wrc.org.za

Dhruv Pasricha
Programme Officer, CSE
Email: dhruv.pasricha@cseindia.org

Dr Suresh Kumar Rohilla
Senior Director, Academic Director (School of Water & Waste), CSE
Email: srohilla@cseindia.org