Lab capabilities and services offered

EML has been established and nurtured by CSE as a specialized lab that can cater to a wide spectrum of environmental sampling and analysis work. In the lab setup note, different units are mentioned that together constitute the EML focus areas. All of these units offer an array of services to internal and external customers. 

 The FSSM unit of EML is positioned as one-of-its-kind referral lab for FSSM practitioners, researchers and civic bodies. We focus on applied research and help come up with smart solutions for end users. Lab is equipped to handle wastewater, faecal sludge and septage samples for their complete characterization.

We offer helpdesk support to various stakeholders in mapping and development of city-wide sanitation plans. Many civic bodies have accessed us and many others continue to do so, for assistance with setup and developing testing protocols for waste-water, FS testing labs.

 Environmental monitoring unit provides services such as air pollution monitoring and modeling, evaluation of ambient noise levels, soil testing, fresh water analysis etc.

 Food safety and toxins unit provides testing and analysis support for pesticide and antibiotic residue in edible products such as processed food, fruits, vegetables, meat, beverages. We have the expertise to analyse for a wide range of biological and chemical contamination of food products.

 We have a dedicated analytics unit that can provide statistical analysis and modeling support for environmental research

 Lab is well equipped and staffed to host training batches on a number of themes mentioned above. For more details, please feel free to write in to us and we shall get back to you.

 We also host interns for variable time-periods, to give a hands-on training in some of the service areas mentioned above.