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This is the third e-learning course dedicated to faecal sludge management. It compiles the current state of knowledge of this rapidly evolving field and presents an integrated approach that includes technology, management and planning. It addresses the planning and organization of the entire faecal sludge management service chain, from the collection and transport of sludge and its treatment options, to the final end use or disposal of treated sludge.

In addition to providing fundamentals and an overview of technologies, the course deals with details of operational, institutional and financial aspects, and provides guidance on how to plan a city-level faecal sludge management plan with the involvement of all the stakeholders.

The theoretical background of the course is based on the book Faecal Sludge Management: System Approach for Implementation and Operation. Furthermore, the course incorporates a number of illustrative real-life case studies, a helpful toolbox and an insight into the most recent technological innovations in the field.

The course is designed for professionals who are dealing with the planning, promoting, designing, operating or managing of faecal sludge for residents in urban, peri-urban, slum or rural areas in low-income countries and beyond. The course program is taught over a period of four months. For starting dates please refer to the web page of one of the six course providing institutions.



Suresh Kumar Rohilla
Dr Suresh Kumar Rohilla
Centre for Science and Environment
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Bhitush Luthra
Mr. Bhitush Luthra
Centre for Science and Environment
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Ruhil Iyer
Centre for Science and Environment
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