What is a City Sanitation Plan?

A city Sanitation Plan is a vision document on sanitation which consists of strategic planning processes in order to achieve the objectives of citywide sanitation with a 25-30 year horizon. This document consists of key issues, goals and strategies of each sanitation sector. The purpose of this document is to support ULBs, and other relevant stakeholders (CBOs, NGOs, private agencies and citizens) to take effective and concrete steps to achieve 100% sanitation in their own cities.

How is the CSP integrated in Urban Planning

Macro Planning Meso Planning Micro Planning
• Covers overall city level planning.

• Eg- Master plan
• Plans a specific sector within
the area outlined in macro level documents.

• Eg. CSP
• Relates to a specific project
covering a selected area under the ULB.

• Eg. DPR

These plans address different sectors of urban development at different scales. Planning processes at all scales need to be aligned and well coordinated for the successful implementation of urban strategies.

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