Financial Framework
Note- This step has been developed in partnership with Centre for Good Governance- experts in the field of sustainable finance management of local governments

Now that the action plan has been formulated, the respective ULB is now required to implement the same, which points towards the need to look at the supporting finance pillar.

Municipal governments have been assigned a range of functions related to the provision of the public services. They strive to meet the costs of constructing and maintaining urban facilities and services. Revenues must be raised to cover capital investments and recurrent-revenue expenditures, as well as employee’s salaries and debt services. The raised revenues must be utilised to attain the needs of the public as well enhance the development of the city. Management of revenues and expenditure planning is very important aspect for any local body.

Therefore, it is necessary that the financial plan should encompass the following:

As a part of financial resource management for implementing City Sanitation Plan (CSP), there is a need to prepare a long-term financial planfor the city with concurrence of all the stakeholders.



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