Baseline Data Collection
3.4. Access to Toilets

This chapter to include detailed information on data required for access to toilets comprising individual toilets, shared toilets (if any), community toilets and public toilets & their current performance and future demands in the sector

Note: When collecting data do keep in note the municipal boundary as per the latest expansion proposal. This is crucial as expanding the municipal boundaries will demand additional efforts and resources to extend public services to the “expansion area”.

Next steps as follows:

Access to Toilets

1. Refer to Checklist on Access to Toilets and fill in available data along with data sources and evidence of credibility in the excel sheet (Column C to F). In Column G, kindly note the data which is not available so that it can be collected in primary surveys.

2. Kindly check other tabs on the excel sheet and fill in tables accordingly with relevant data. Kindly highlight data which is not available at the moment. These tables will later form a part of the status report.

3. Save the excel sheet for later reference




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