Formulate Strategies
7.1 Converting Issues to Goals and Strategies

A “goal” can be defined as the desired result or outcome of an action. Hence, each issue identified needs to be addressed by creating a desired outcome. In order to make an effective Goal the following criteria should be adopted:

Example of converting issues to goals as follows:

Key Issue



Insufficient collection & transportation due to lack of infrastructure and institutional mechanism, leads to uncontrolled dumping, burning & littering (open area, storm water drains, roadside) across the city

100%coverage of door-to-door waste collection and transportation from HHs, institutions and commercial establishments to achieve litter free city by 2019

Time bound

  • 1. Similarly, refer to the excel sheet saved as “Citywide issues”, created in Step 6.
  • 2. With reference to the Key issues in Column B, create a goal with the above criteria in Column G.
  • Do this for each sanitation sector.
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