Baseline Data Collection
3.2 City Profile

Data Credibility Checklist

1. Identifying credible sources and contacts (departments, officers etc) to collect the information

2. Designate an officer from the ULB who takes part and coordinates data collection and documentation.

3. Consult with the CSTF at each state of data collection and presentation

Collecting data:

The ULB must tap into current reserves of “existing data” which could range from the following:

Which data to collect?

Under the NUSP, an indicative checklist has been provided for guidance in terms of data collection for all sectors. In addition to the NUSP checklist, a few more additions have been made in order to conduct a more detailed analysis. These sector-wise data checklists can be accessed from module 3.2 onwards.

This data is then presented as per format in the form of a “Status report” (Tool 3.1) which would later serve as a tool for data analysis. Note- If there is any existing data gaps, then this data would need to be noted down and will have to be collected during primary surveys. This report will hence contain the information on:

This presentation gives information on:

• Importance of baseline data collection
• Data collection criteria for each sanitation sector
• Potential sources of collecting data

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