Conducting a Stakeholder Analysis
Step 1- Identifying stakeholders

Brainstorm and prepare a detailed list of relevant stakeholders working in the sanitation sector of your city. To ensure that cross-cutting stakeholders are identified, the below set of potential guiding questions can be referred to:

1. Which stakeholder / groups might be negatively affected by inadequate sanitation? - e.g. urban poor, slum dwellers, women etc.
2. Who are the stakeholders that should be involved due to their formal position? (e.g. governmental bodies, social outreach)
3. Which stakeholders have access to relevant information and resources? (e.g. environmental NGOs, technical consultants, financial resources, access to social groups etc)

Tool 2.1- Enlist the identified stakeholders in just the first column of Table 1.

Step 2 – Identifying importance of role within CSTF

Now that the list of potential stakeholders has been indentified, the following question needs to be answered for each actor:

1. What is current role of the stakeholder in the city? How is he/she concerned?

Tool 2.1- Fill out the current role of the stakeholder in the second column of Table 1.

2. Taking account of the stakeholder’s current profile, what role of the actor would be most suitable within the CSTF?

Tool 2.1- Refer to Figure 1- “Stakeholder participation matrix” and get acquainted with the various roles of stakeholders. Fill out the third column of Table 1.


Tool 2.1
This tool guides the identification of stakeholders for the formation of the city sanitation task force. It allows the ULB to identify relevant stakeholders from all sectors of sanitation and cross-cutting sectors, as well as gives an indication for their role and type of participation within the CSTF.

The tool will not only ensure that all relevant resources of the city will be procured, but also for the involvement of low-priority and unplanned sectors.
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This presentation gives information on

• Importance of stakeholders and how to conduct stakeholder analysis
• How to form CSTF and importance to achieve 100% sanitation
• Roles and responsibilities of CSTF MoUD NUSP Guidelines

Author: Sanikit
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