Creating an Action Plan
7.2. Prioritisation of Goals

Scan the list of goals for each sanitation sector. Depending on the city, if there are numerous goals, they will have to be prioritized accordingly.

For achieving the goals of a city, there would be varous existing technical and non-technical solutions, which would require coordination from institutional, regulatory and financial aspects. At this point, it becomes crucial to prioritise goals and objectives to create a clear action plan.

Prioritisation of the goals are mostly made according to the impact of a key issue on the (1) environment (2) health (3) policy and (4) finance. The higher the impact, the more priority that particular issue will have. Prioritisation of the goals can be made as per the criteria below:


0 Marks

1 marks

2 marks

3 marks

Environmental impacts

No positive
impact on

Minor impact


Major impact

Health impacts

No Impact

Minor improvement
in health

Major improvement
in health

Alleviation of a epidemic

Policy impact

No mandate to
carry out the

Its in mandate
but optional


Need of hour

Cost of action/ mitigation





*A high score indicates high prioritization activity

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