Initiating the CSP: Forming the City Sanitation Task Force
What is the City Sanitation Task Force?

The NUSP identifies the constitution of a multi-stakeholder task force as one the principal activities to be taken up to start the city sanitation planning process.

 City Sanitation Task Force (CSTF) is a multi stakeholder task force formed for achieving city wide sanitation through CSP
 It is a non-statutory body, however formalized with council resolution recognizing the CSTF as a body involved in achieving the goals of NUSP in the respective city.

Need for CSTF

 A designated Institution at the city level to achieve the goals of NUSP
 For mobilizing and coordinating actions from different public and non-government agencies
 To plan, guide and monitor the achievement of city-wide sanitation

• Conducting a stakeholder analysis
• Understanding the roles and responsibilities of a CSTF
• Standard operating procedures for CSTF



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