Other Tools

1. FSM stakeholder analysis tool This tool can be used to identify, analyse and understand possible ways of engaging a particular category of stakeholders.

1. SANITAB android-based application which assists in performing a household or property level sanitation survey for creating a database on OSS. This tool can be used by city councils.
2. MOUNT is an aggregator platform for various sustainable technologies, encouraging and disseminating knowledge and good practices for wastewater management. The preference for sustainable technologies is mainly due to CSE’s continuous motivation towards usage of sustainable and environmentally harmonious technologies.
3. SANITECH It is a pre-feasibility tool that provides stakeholders with information on existing and new technology in a localized context. This tool was designed as a decision support tool that will help all, especially the cities in India, to provide cost effective and sustainable sanitation solutions for the urban poor, through integrated framework for the assessment of sanitation option.Link to the tool:

Recommended Readings

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