Mainstreaming Rainwater Harvesting in Noida

January 01, 2017

Water management in urban areas is challenged by rapid urban growth and decreasing water availability. With rapid urbanization and large areas coming under roofs and concrete structures in Noida area (203.16 sq. km), natural recharge to groundwater has drastically reduced. There is a need to adopt an integrated approach of sustainable water management for urban areas. Meeting the ever-growing requirements of water is a key challenge in the overall development of Noida. Noida is a satellite town in the National Capital Region (NCR) of Delhi, with a rapidly increasing urban population. Groundwater (80 per cent) is currently the major source of water supply in Noida. It has shown a significant declining trend (up to 40 mbgl) because of over-extraction. Since the area is surrounded by the river Yamuna and partially encircled by the Hindon, all the storm water drains into it. However, because of increased paved areas and declining waterbodies in Noida, the area cannot sustain high rainfall intensity— it can sustain a maximum of 18.85 mm/hr—and is prone to floods and water logging as well as depleting groundwater levels.


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