SFD Promotion Initiative, Delhi India

February 08, 2016

Delhi is the capital of India, the largest democracy of the world. It is officially known as the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi, The NCT of Delhi is a special union territory of India jointly administered by the Central government, the NCT elected government, three municipal corporations, New Delhi Municipal Council and Delhi Cantonment Board.

The population of NCT of Delhi as per the Census 2011 is 16,787,941. The density of city is 11,320 persons per sq.km. Total slum population is 1,785,390 which is 10.6% of the total population (Census of India, 2011). The floating population is around 0.4 to 0.5 million. NCT of Delhi comprises of an area of 1484 sq.km.

Delhi Urban Agglomeration has been chosen for the current study. It comprises of population of 16,349,831.


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