About Media Resource Centre

March 23, 2015

The Media Resource Centre (MRC) is CSE’s outreach unit. It helps to disseminate information about CSE and its work, and to establish a sustained and interactive contact with mass media.

MRC works to create a network of journalists across the world committed to researching, investigating and writing/reporting on issues of environment and development in an informed manner. We believe that the mass media can help in analysing the linkages between environment and development, spark debates on crucial issues, and lead to positive change.
With this objective in mind, the unit has been involved in a variety of activities, ranging from conceptualising media strategies and campaigns to conducting fellowships, briefings and conferences.

The activities

Media Fellowships: The unit organises and conducts some fellowships every year for journalists from India and abroad, under which grants are provided to encourage applicants to travel, study and report on issues of environment and development. Over 100 journalists from across India and South Asia have already received CSE media fellowships under this programme.

Media Briefing Workshops: MRC regularly organises these across India and abroad. The workshops -- national, South Asian, regional as well as global -- have primarily aimed at demystifying key environmental issues for journalists, so that they get a basic understanding of the subject and can report on them more effectively.
Press Conferences and Press Releases: To respond to key developments on issues of concern to CSE, the unit helps conduct press conferences and produces press notes and releases on a regular basis.

Other Activities: From time to time, depending on the urgency of response that an issue demands, the unit initiates new services and activities as well -- media alerts on current topics in environment and development have been one such initiative. Since 2009, MRC has also been facilitating participation of Indian journalists in the annual Conferences of Parties (CoP) on Climate Change.