Advanced Training Programme 2012 | Centre for Science and Environment

Advanced Training Programme 2012

One month training programme on Environment and Social Impact Assessment

Date: 16 January-16 February, 2012

Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) and Social Impact Assessment (SIA) are important tools to foresee and address potential environmental, social and
economic problems at an early stage of project planning and design. A well conceptualized and executed EIA/SIA report allows project proponents to reduce the
negative aspects of the project. It also enables stakeholders to understand the project and its likely consequences, and allows them to participate and intervene in various stages of project development.

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), with an objective to enhance the capacity of the stakeholders involved in EIA, launched its first EIA training programme in 2006. More than 20 EIA training programmes have been conducted since. They have received a positive response from students, academics, NGOs, regulatory institutions, environment consultants and industries. CSE has also conducted EIA training programmes in South Asia in collaboration with regulatory agencies such as the Central Environment Authority (CEA) Sri Lanka, Department of Environment (DOE) Bangladesh and National Environment Commission (NEC) Bhutan.

The month-long EIA/SIA training programme is intended to add value to the knowledge and expertise of the participants.

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  • Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi is going to organise a hands-on three-day training programme aimed at giving practical exposure to participants on EIA with specific reference to wind power projects.

    The objective of this programme is to enable stakeholders to understand the likely impacts of the project and allows them to make sound decisions during various stages of project development.

  • Date: 15-26 September, 2014

    It goes unsaid that in order to improve environmental governance, the roles of efficient and worthy Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) along with an equitable growth through proper Social Impact Assessment (SIA) are indispensable. They are not merely tools to assess possible impacts and suggest mitigation for the environmental and social issues, but processes, which if done well, can yield unexpectedly positive results in the form of sustainable and equitable growth.

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