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Green Rating of Indian Iron and Steel Sector

India is world's fourth largest steel producer. The demand for iron and steel in the country is growing exponentially owing to rapid industrialization and infrastructural demand.  But steel sector is also highly polluting and is categorized as one of the most polluting sector among 17 sectors identified by Central Pollution Control Board.

Green Rating Project (GRP) of Centre for Science and Environment undertook environmental rating of major iron and steel plants of India. The ratings were done based on life-cycle analysis using more than 150 parameters. GRP team also inspected the factories and met with local stake holders to get their opinion about the plants.  Companies would be given the prestigious Five Leaves Award. CSE would also release a book on the Environment status of the Indian Steel Sector.

About GRP:
GRP is India's only independent public disclosure project wherein companies are rated on their environment credentials and the rating information is released to the public. So far four sectors have been rated under GRP - Pulp and paper, Automobile, Chlor - alkali and Cement. Know more

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