Pulp & Paper Sector

Pulp and Paper Sector: Rating Scorecard 1
Pulp and Paper Sector: Rating Scorecard 2
Green Rating Project - Key Findings of Pulp & Paper sector
Good environmental performance makes good business sense. And to support this rationale, CSE analysed the financial performance of the 28 firms that had been rated.
Green Rating of Pulp & Paper Industry
A comprehensive Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) approach for assessing the environmental performance of pulp and paper industry in various phases of the life cycle ranging from raw material sourcing to pollution generation and control.
Down To Earth Article
On paper
The Green Rating Project (GRP) of the Centre for Science and Environment was conceived as a means to track the environmental performance of India’s key industrial sectors.
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Backyard mess
You will be apt to find, if you peeked into a backyard of a small-scale papermaking mill — like the one in Meerut shown above — imported wastepaper dumped carelessly.
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