Containing Antibiotic Pollution from Manufacturing

November 23, 2023

Antibiotics are proving to be increasingly ineffective when it comes to treating bacterial infections. The growing public health crisis of antimicrobial resistance is silent but can be deafening. Among others, discharge from manufacturing companies that contain antibiotics can increase the risk of the development and spread of antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic manufacturing is often therefore referred to as a ‘hotspot’ for effective action.

This report presents how the global momentum is gradually building up to address the issue of antibiotic pollution. It also details out the antibiotic manufacturing scenario in India and the role it plays in global antibiotic supply chain. The report also captures the Indian policy and regulatory framework to control antibiotic pollution as well as the waste management practices that the antibiotic manufacturing companies claim to adopt. 

In the end, the report provides a holistic view of the action required to be taken by different stakeholders to contain antibiotic pollution from manufacturing. Expectations from the Indian pharmaceutical industry to lead this change are growing. An effective and timely action can make a big change.


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