Cost of a solar PV system

The final cost of any PV system ultimately depends on PV array size, inverter, battery bank size and on the other components required for the specific application.

Cost of PV array
PV modules can be purchased at the rate of Rs. 250 – 300 per watt for most small
systems in the 150W to 8,000W range.

Cost of batteries
A variety of options are available.

Cost of inverter
A variety of options are available.

Miscellaneous costs
(Mounting structure for PV modules, electrical wire, switches, fuses, connectors and other miscellaneous parts)
Can be assumed to be around 20 percent of the total cost of the system.

Incentives available to help reduce the cost
Many states give financial and regulatory incentives that promote renewable energy technologies. Please contact the nodal agency in your state for details about the subsidy available for setting up solar PV systems.

List of state nodal agencies.