CSE’s Participation in ADB Organized E-Marketplace Event

School of Water and Waste at Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has been invited in an event e-Marketplace: Catalyzing Innovations and Digitization for Safe, Sustainable, Resilient, and Inclusive Management dated 15th March-19th March organized by Asian Development Bank (ADB).

CSE showcased its three tools/compendiums viz. MOUNT, SaniKit and C-Gins which are related to water/sanitation management, green infrastructure and urban design & planning. (Know more: https://www.cseindia.org/c-gins/home, https://www.cseindia.org/mount/home, https://www.cseindia.org/sanikit/index.html)

The ADB e-Marketplace is a dedicated venue and platform to bring together government officials, water utilities, and stakeholders from ADB’s developing member countries and connect them with providers of digital technology and best practices on products, tools and technologies for delivering smart, resilient, safe, and inclusive water management and services delivery. The e-Marketplace also showcases selected innovative projects, tools, and publications developed and supported by ADB and its partners. It also featured virtual booths of selected exhibitors and interactive Zoom sessions and launching of few publications.

In this event a report has been published titled as “Water and Sanitation Safety Plan for Brahmandiha GP in Bankura, West Bengal” prepared as an outcome under capacity building programme of West Bengal State Govt. CSE has played a key role in this and collaborated as a knowledge support partner to strengthen the capacity of the ADB Team. It provides a comprehensive sample guideline for water and sanitation safety planning for gram panchayats/village councils in developing Asia and the Pacific. https://adb.eventsair.com/catalyzing-innovations-and-digitization-for-safe-sustainable-resilient-and-inclusive-water-management/about

To know more about the event, virtual booths, and interactive sessions, please visit the event website at https://adb.eventsair.com/catalyzing-innovations-and-digitization-for-safe-sustainable-resilient-and-inclusive-water-management/.