Industrial Waste Water Treatment: Recycle & Reuse: June 16-20, 2013



The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) conducted a five-day training programme in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The programme in collaboration with Department of Environment (DoE), Bangladesh took place from 16th June-20th June, 2013. The training was attended by 31 officers serving in various capacities at DoE, Bangladesh. 

The objective of the programme was to build the capacity of environmental regulators on best practices involved in industrial wastewater management. Bangladesh houses a number of small scale industries generating effluent which are a major source of river pollution.  The programme highlighted major treatment technologies for industrial wastewater and also focused on decentralized methods for treating wastewater. Participants were taken for a field visit to an Effluent Treatment Plant of a textile industry to expose them to the practical aspects of industrial wastewater treatment and management. The programme also discussed at length the water conservation measures such as Rainwater Harvesting. Key speakers of the programme were Dr D D Basu, Advisor, CSE, Md Shahjahan, Additional Director General, DoE, Sujit Kumar Singh, Deputy Programme Manager, CSE and Sadia Sohail, Senior Research Associate, CSE.