Online Training Course: Understanding Traffic Impact Assessment

Course dates: October 31 to November 13, 2021 

Traffic impact assessment (TIA) is a systematic study to analyse the impact of the additional traffic generated by any new development on existing transport system in an area. Generally, TIA is required for big developments which have the potential to generate a huge number of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. TIA is undertaken to ensure the developer address the relevant issues related to transport within and the surroundings of the proposed development and if required local authorities may also recover some developmental charges to upgrade the transport infrastructure impacted areas. TIA is gaining popularity among decision makers. State authorities have started to recognise the importance of TIA and included TIA in their rules and regulations. This self-paced online training course will help participants to build a comprehensive understanding and knowledge base on the overall purpose, components and benefits of conducting a TIA including the regulatory provisions and analytical techniques to carry out the assessment work. 

Course structure

This online training course will be conducted on the Moodle and Zoom platform through a variety of tools such as recorded video lectures, classroom exercises, reading materials and resources, audio/visual methods including short films, interviews etc. The programme will highlight and cover the following:

  • Overview of TIA
  • Purpose and scope of conducting a TIA
  • TIA and its overall framework
  • TIA assessment
  • Case studies 

Learning from the course

  • Sound understanding of framework and methodologies to conduct a TIA
  • Skill building on modern traffic analysis and traffic forecasting techniques
  • Evaluate and assess the impact of any development on transportation
  • Make traffic recommendations more confidently 

Who can apply?

  • Students of transportation planning/ engineering; urban planning programmes
  • Professionals/ practitioners from transportation planning/ engineering; urban planning sectors
  • Programme managers of transport/ infrastructure solution providers/consultants
  • Developers
  • Researchers and consultants
  • Environmental consultants  

For more information, please contact 

Shourabh Gupta
Mobile: +91-8826806794

Priyanka Chandola
Mobile: +91 – 9810414938




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Course Fees
Rs 3,500 for Indian participants
US $100 for International participants
Course Date
October 31 to November 13, 2021
Participants will be awarded a certificate of participation on completion of the course