Orientation of Sanitation Workers for COVID-19 in Bijnor, Chunar & Lucknow

CSE Programme Support Unit – DoUD (GoUP) Lucknow has set-up a COVID-19 Knowledge Resource Desk at Lucknow Nagar Nigam. A state training for Master Trainers for Health and Safety of Sanitation Workers during COVID-19 was held virtually on 27th May 2020. Sanitary Inspectors from Lucknow, Bijnor and Chunar attended the meeting.

CSE – PSU team in Lucknow, TSU teams in Bijnor and Chunar are supporting the Sanitary Inspectors in rolling-out these orientations of sanitation workers in the respective cities.

The following topics were covered during the orientation:

  • Introduction on COVID-19, precautions and symptoms
  • Hand washing with live demonstration with ink and gloves
  • Using Personal Protective Equipment and demonstrations related to how to wear a mask, making homemade mask.
  • Physical Distancing (minimum distance of 1 Meter)
  • Waste management from Quarantined homes.
  • Precautions for sanitation workers while at work.
  • Myths over facts

The sequence of orientation of sanitation workers for COVID-19 conducted in Bijnor, Chunar & Lucknow are listed out below.




Day1 at Nagar Palika Parishad Bijnor Campus Park include 55sanitation workers on 28th May 2020

Day2 at Sai Baba Mandir Gathering Point include 80 sanitation workers
on 29th May 2020

at Ejaj-Ali-Hall Bijnor Nagar Palika include 60 sanitation
workers on 30th May 2020

at Jatan Mohalla include 20 sanitation workers on 1st June 2020

Day1 at Nagar Palika Parishad Chunarinclude 5 Sanitation Supervisor on 28th May 2020

Day2 at Chakaipurinclude 14 Sanitation workers on 29th May 2020

at JalKalVibhaginclude 17 sanitation workers on 30th May

at JalKalVibhag include 21 Sanitation workers on 2nd June 2020

at Dargah Shareef include 27 sanitation workers on 3rd June 2020

near Thanah Chunar include 17 Sanitation workers on 4th June 2020

at Ram Leela Maidaan include 12 sanitation workers on 11th June 2020

1st orientation in Zone – 4 include 17 sanitation workers on 29th May 2020

2nd orientation in Zone – 4 include 14sanitation workers on 1st June 2020

3nd orientation 
in Zone – 4 include 16sanitation workers on 2ndJune 2020

4th orientation i
n Zone – 7 include 27sanitation workers on 4thJune 2020

5th orientation 
in Zone – 7 include 18sanitation workers on 10th June 2020