Perception survey: Outdoor air pollution and its impact on our health

The latest Global Burden of Disease report, a global initiative involving a network of international health bodies and the World Health Organisation has shown outdoor air pollution as one of the top 10 killers in the world. In South Asia including India, it is ranked as the sixth most dangerous killer, -- three places behind indoor air pollution, which is the second highest killer in the region. Air pollution makes everyone, the rich and the poor, equally vulnerable.

Delhi has implemented many measures to control air pollution. This includes the largest ever natural gas vehicle programme, relocation of polluting industries, conversion of two (out of three) power plants to natural gas, improved emissions standards for vehicles, ban on open burning etc. But the problem has not gone away. Air pollution after a short respite is rising again and hitting dangerous levels.

In view of this Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) is carrying out this citizens’s survey in Delhi and the National Capital Region to understand people’s perception of the problem and solution. A number of health conditions are associated with air pollution including respiratory and cardiac conditions, cancer, eye conditions, hypertension, diabetes, etc. But for the purpose of this survey we are focusing only on the respiratory conditions – one of the most dominant impacts of air pollution – that people can easily track and understand. We would like to request you to take out some time to answer the following questions. Your opinion matters for clean air and our health.

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