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CSE comes down hard on proposal to allow international scrutiny of domestic targets

As the negotiators battle it out at Cancun to pave way for a deal in climate change, India circulated a proposal called International Consultation and Analysis (ICA), as a middle path on the controversial issue of transparency on mitigation actions. This mechanism would essentially mean third-party monitoring of domestic targets and mitigation actions, something that violates the basic premise of the global climate debate.

India capitulates at Cancun, betrays its poor; agrees to a weak and ineffective text that paves the way for ineffective emission reduction targets for the developed countries and scrapping of the Kyoto protocol.

Cancun, December 10, 2010: At about 5.00 pm Mexico time today, a text of an agreement for the Ad-Hoc Working Group on Long-term Cooperative Action (AWG-LCA) made its appearance at the Moon Palace Hotel, the venue of the 16th Conference of Parties. For India and its millions of poor, this text can only be termed as a betrayal.

National Research Conference on Climate Change

New Delhi, March 6, 2010: A two-day national conference of climate researchers, which concluded here today, has culminated in the birth of the Indian Climate Research Network, a unique community of individuals and institutions which will work to enhance capacity for climate research and action in the country.

A con game called 'clearance'

Venue: CSE Office, Core 6A, Fourth Floor, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road Day and date: Thursday, September 22, 2011 Time: 2.30 PM In the last five years, the Union ministry of environment and forests has given forest clearances to coal companies to extract at least 583 million tonne of coal per year. 

CSE surveys noise pollution in Delhi

CSE does noise level survey, finds many areas in Delhi crossing the norms Centre for Science and Environment’s (CSE) Pollution Monitoring Lab tracks noise levels in Delhi and finds them to be very high in some places  Constant exposure to noise can have serious health implications, ranging from deafness to heart conditions to sleep disorders

CSE slams petrol price hikes, calls for similar hikes on diesel prices

CSE slams hike in petrol prices. Says it should not be done without narrowing the price gap with diesel. Calls it “mindless” It is leading to gross misuse of the poor persons’ fuel by rich car owners, massive revenue losses for the government, and serious damage to public health Government should ban use of diesel in cars, increase price of diesel and tax on diesel cars