User Perception Survey on Non motorised transport and infrastructure.

“Reduced Mobility and limited accessibility have become a major problem for India. The problems are exacerbated by inefficient traffic management and poor driving behaviour, aside from the lack of adequate transport facilities and related infrastructure.

The situation of many urban areas in all over the world are: diminishing mobility and accessibility, worsening health and environmental situation, lack of transport facilities and infrastructure, poor planning and traffic management and neglect of multi-modal transport systems. In such a harsh environment, NMT (bicycles and cycle rickshaws) is put under quite serious pressure.

NMT is an integral element of urban transport in developing countries world-wide. Its significance and function varies per continent however. In Indian cities the share of NMT at peak hours ranges from 30 up to 70%; trips undertaken by bicycle account for about 10% to 35% of the total trips. Bicycles are not only important for the entire trip (from origin to destination), but, particularly in developed countries, also as a feeder mode to public transport.

For promoting non motorised transport, Delhi has taken few steps of providing cycle tracks but the actual condition is bit different. So we have designed a survey to know that what you think about the non motorised infrastructure in Delhi and what suggestions you would like to give for improving and promoting NMT.

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