Volunteer: FAQ

There are many volunteer assignments available with CSE and you will take time to find the one that matches you the most depending on your interest and skills. Look up the following questions before you register as a volunteer with us.


What you need to know about CSE?


You need to know the issues, concerns and policy positions of the organisation. You need to be aware of the different projects, publications and campaigns that we undertake. Visiting the CSE's website will help answer most of your queries.


Are you clear about what work interests you most?


What type of things are you good at? These can be professional skills or even hobbies and recreational talents. Almost every type of skill is needed somewhere. The better you are at explaining what you can offer, the easier it will be to find the right type of volunteering opportunity for you.


Are you going to learn something while you volunteer?


Is there something you wish you had the opportunity to learn? As a beginner, we may assign a simple task to you because we know you will be motivated by tackling something new. This is one way that volunteering develops your skills and is fun. CSE has had students from various colleges who come to learn about the way a professional organisation works and functions.


How much time you need to spare?


Some volunteer assignments require a lot of time. But others can be accomplished in a short period of time. Sometimes, we have assignments that can be undertaken in the evenings or during weekends. Be clear about your availability. We will need to know this before we can count on you. It may be better to start with a limited number of hours of volunteer work and later expand your schedule, rather than promising many more hours which you may not be able to devote. If you are going to spend time working on a specific assignment, you will probably be able to gauge the time you require to complete that assignment.


What next after signing up?


In the registration form we will ask you some questions about your background, qualification and interests. Based on these and depending upon the availability of an assignment, you will be asked to attend an orientation meeting. In the meeting we will acquaint you with the assignments we have and what might suit your expertise and interests. If you find something interesting, you can start work immediately. If not, we will keep your information in our databank and contact you whenever a suitable assignment becomes available.


How to get more information about further volunteering opportunities?


Keep in touch! You can also talk to us so that we are able to give you a clearer idea about new projects and campaigns. In addition, fresh opportunities will be regularly posted on our website. We also sometimes advertise for volunteering opportunities in our magazine Down to Earth.


Persistence pays - You may not get a prompt reply as the application screening and assignment allocation may take up several weeks. Do not get discouraged if we do not get back to you. Rewards from volunteering are well worth the effort. So hang in there and keep trying. And remember, taking initiative will pay off.

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