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River Pollution Campaign


Kartikeya Singh

B.Sc, Ecology and Sustainable Development, Furman University, USA

Research on Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP) of Delhi and water related stories for Down to Earth magazine


Toby Bedford

Master of Civil Engineering, Cardiff University, UK

Research and analysis on river pollution control strategies across 160 cities in India. The analysis was presented in the form of a factsheet in Down To Earth. As a part of this research, he also analysed the Danube clean up plan.


Vasu C

B.E Civil Engg., Bangalore University and M.Sc Environment and Ecology, Sikkim and Manipal University, India

Literature survey of pollution status in river Hindon.


Rain Water Harvesting


Mohd. Rashid

MA History, CCS University, Meerut, India

Monitoring the water level status of the model rainwater harvesting projects. He has also assisted the unit in organising various training programmes on rainwater harvesting apart from other research-based activities related to this project.


Water Pollution Campaign


Ayesha Dinshaw

BA Environmental Studies, Middlebury College, USA

Study of environmental impact of upcoming malls in and around Delhi for a story in Down to Earth, with Srini and S V Suresh


Ritu Dwivedi

Pursuing 3rd yr, BE Environmental engineering, Delhi College of Engineering, India

Searched for DTE articles on water and excreta study, analysis of water excreta data for Kanpur city, translation of documents in Hindi to English.


Sourabh Mithal

Pursuing 3rd yr, BE Environmental Engineering, Delhi College of Engineering, India

Analysis of water excreta data of Aizawl city and datasheet of water excreta profile of Indian cities. Analysis of water pollution levels in Yamuna river. Searched for articles in Dying Wisdom and Making water Everybody’s business, which were related to water-excreta study.


Jitesh Nichani

Pursuing Environmental Engg., Northern India Engineering College, Delhi, India

Analysis of water-excreta data collected from various cities of India and classifying the information based on the geographical location.


Mohd. Arif

MCA, Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak, India

Freelance volunteers helping in redeveloping water-excreta maps of various Indian cities using Auto CAD and Adobe Photoshop.


Naushad Ali

MA History, Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi, India

Freelance volunteers helping in redeveloping water-excreta maps of various Indian cities using Auto CAD and Adobe Photoshop.


Down to Earth, Reporting Desk


Anna Simpson

BA (Hons) English, Univ. of Oxford, UK

Researching and writing for various sections of Down to Earth. She has written reviews of books, films, discussions and exhibitions, apart from contributing independent articles, which have been published in the August 2006 issues and some, which will be published in the forthcoming issues.


Sophiya Shrestha

BA Economics, Mt. Holyoke, Canada

Research related to status of mining in India, for a cover story on mining, wherein she looked at the geographical spread, the socio-political issues, the policies that govern them and its relation to sustainable mining in the long run.


Erica Lorenzen

Master of Public Health, Yale Univ., USA

Expanding and editing of water related chapter of the health dossier. Suggested story ideas for the health newsletter.


C. Balaji

BA Journalism, Annamalai University, India

Did stories on impact of Tourism in Andaman Islands. Did a story on the AP High Court directing all mining related activities to be stopped in Vishakapatnam.


Megha Prakash

Pursing BA Journalism, Amity College, Noida, India

Research for DTE stories - Oil story, Food Page-ideas , ACT-story


Industry and Environment (GRP)


Kersi Shroff

Pursuing BA Economics, Yale Univ., USA

Study of financial markets in India. Explore the various stock indexes that already exist in the Indian and foreign markets and understand the viability of setting up an environment based stock index.


Vijay Shankar

3rd Year, Environmental Engineering, Delhi College of Engineering, India

Study of status of nuclear power sector in India and its environment implications. He has compiled a report on the power generation capacity and the technological details pertaining to nuclear power generation.


Sumit Kumar

Pursuing BA from Open learning College, Delhi University, India

Assistance in Internet research, maintaining database of EIA training, documentation and filing.


Air Pollution Campaign


Anupam Roy

2nd year , LLB, Delhi University, India

Study of taxation policy of vehicles of the Indian Govt. and find ways to lure people to change to the public transport system.


Natural Resource Management and Livelihood


Minakshi Thakur

PGD Journalism, Pursuing MA English, Delhi University, India

Half yearly assessment of NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) uploaded on CSE website. Wrote an article, “Job Sham” in DTE on this issue.


Neha Sakhuja

Masters in International Development, Royal Melbourne Institute of Techology, Melbourne, Australia

Mapping the ecological resource base of 200 NREGA districts.

Board and Funding


Vaswati Roy Chaudhuri

MA English, Elphinstine College, Mumbai, India

A veteran volunteer with CSE.

Assistance in preparing donor reports.


Environment Information and Dissemination


Rakesh Rana

Pursuing BA from Open learning College, Delhi University, India

Internet research and development of databases to find newer avenues for reaching out DTE.


Shubhendu Parmar

Pursuing BBA, 1st year, Amity International School, Noida, Inida

Collating marketing information for advertising in Down To Earth and documentation of the same.


Ritesh Ranjan

Pursuing B.Com from Open learning College, Delhi University Development and maintenance of marketing database, handling mail merge and other mailers.




Omkar Singh Shekhawat

Pursuing BA from Open learning College, Delhi University

Development of Web visitors’ database.


Shashi Dhar

Pursuing B.Com from Open learning College, Delhi University

Development of database of web forms filled by visitors.


Environment Resource Unit


Udit Kumar

Pursuing B.Tech Biotechnology, Amity School of Biotechnology, Noida

Transcription of the interviews of experts and local people, which were filmed as part of the movie-making project on water pollution undertaken by the centre.




Compiling CSE articles from Journals and also weeding of journals





Pursuing Masters in Computer Application (MCA), IGNOU, India

Checking all the links on website after DTE is uploaded every fortnight




Ipsita Madan

Electrical Engineering, McGill Univ., Canada

Electrical Audit of CSE building


Updated Oct 09, 2006

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