Volunteer: What you get

  • A chance to share your skills and teach others what you are best at.

  • Learn how a professional organization / institution functions.

  •  Achieve personal satisfaction by helping others and by doing your civic duty.Spend your leisure time constructively.
  • Develop a new relationship with an institution and make new friends. 
  • Keep yourself updated on current issues. 

  • Learn new things while working as a part of the team. 

  • Do something different from your routine job without making a serious long-term commitment. 

  • Gain recognition and self-confidence as you can make a difference by working for a cause. 

  • Learn skills and strengthen your resume. 


For senior or retired citizens, volunteering provides a positive contribution as it helps the newly retired to adjust to the new retired life. 

  • Seniors bring rich work experience of a lifetime 

  • Seniors usually already have volunteering experience 

  • Seniors are ready to experiment and carry out jobs that they have never done before 

Over the decades, hundreds of active retired individuals and senior citizens have contributed hugely to various CSE programmes and campaigns. 


Each volunteer who comes to CSE has varied reasons and motivations. For the youth, volunteering offers opportunities for self development and risk-taking while providing a valuable grounding for future practices.  

Each one has a special reason for volunteering, but once you are on a volunteer you will continue to serve as long as you feel that your efforts are accomplishing something and that your talents are being appreciated. 

Volunteering to Explore Career Possibilities

Are you in a threshold of starting your career or are you looking for a job shift?  

Volunteering is the best way to explore different career options. It is risk-free as you can venture out in different areas without the fear of making a long-term commitment. It will give you a chance to explore your capabilities, experiment with what you are good at or pursue what interests you the most.  

CSE often hires volunteers who have gone further to pursue a career in environment and have come back to work with the organization as permanent employees.  

A volunteering opportunity with CSE will give you real-time exposure to a professional organization. 

You will interact with professionals who will guide you and answer your queries about your future career. Such interaction will give you a clearer picture about the challenges and opportunities of that particular field. 

Alumni Benefits 

  • Discount on CSE Publications 

  • Invitation to CSE Conferences 

  • A copy of the Annual Report 

  • Gifts as token of appreciation 

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