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Climate Change



Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) registered a strong presence in the COP in terms of its side events, press briefings and presentations. CSE dealt with issues related to renewable energy, energy access, India’s dependence on coal, equity and carbon budget in a pan of 6 days.

Lima Climate Talks: Update

Washout in Lima: CoP 20 ends without pledges for emissions cuts till 2020 Climate summit decisions will not result in a climate deal in 2015, says Centre for Science and Environment. World headed for a 3-4°C temperature rise


That sinking feeling Just like at Kyoto, the US and EU are ready to make back-room deals that leave out the concerns of the South.  Its time for the G77 to speak up. November 22, 2000 Read more ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Equity Primer A look at why equity is so important at the climate negotiations November 22, 2000


CSE at CoP-16, Cancun

Cancun draft pleases all, except a belligerent Bolivia! The deal circumvents all the contentious issues, erases historical debts, avoids legally binding global emission targets for wealthy nations, leaves the thorn of IPR in technology transfer mechanism for Durban CoP17 among others. As CSE had warned, Cancun turned out to be compromises of epic proportions for the poorer countries, without any substantive returns from the developed nations. Lest Development and Millenium Development Goals be forgotten. Politics, surely, has triumphed over science.