150 KLD Advanced Eco-Reactor STP at Khentawas, Gurugram (Haryana)


Scale of service

Community Level (Village of 2000+ population)

Area of installation (Sq-m)

200 Sq-m

Year of Installation


Capital Cost

60 lacs


Khentawas, Gurugram, Haryana

Operational & Maintenance cost

INR 4.5 Lacs/Annum

Funding Agency

Gurujal Society with support from Panchayati Raj & ICICI Bank

Design Capacity

150 KLD

Waste water of the village was getting accumulated in the local pond, on Gram Panchayat Land. There was water contamination due to the constant discharge of the sewerage water from the village through Proper Drainage Lines directed into the Pond. The Pond is surrounded by Farm Lands, and the farmers sometimes used the sewage water for irrigation purposes also. Due to improper management of sewage the entire neighbourhood/village was at the risk of water contamination and health issues. The authorities were looking to employ a solution that was not highly dependent on power and could be operated easily by the community.

Advanced Eco-Reactor (AER) system uses specially formulated organic and inert/inorganic media to create a living ecosystem with a unique combination of microbes, enzymes and earthworms to treat the waste water in a naturally aerobic environment.

It is a viable green alternative to conventional wastewater treatment and does not require skilled manpower for operation and has significantly lower power consumption as compared to conventional STPs. It is an environment friendly and sustainable option which delivers reusable treated water without any daily/weekly/monthly sludge handling.

  1. Pre-treatment

A bar screen chamber is provided to intercept inorganics (plastic, glass, cloth etc.) from entering into the STP.  An oil & grease chamber is provided to prevent free floating oil & grease from entering the STP.  The waste water then enters the Equalization cum fermentative reactor.

  1. Equalization cum Fermentative Reactor

The equalization tank allows the process to buffer the expected peak flows and allow the rest of the system operate an average flow rate. Special probiotic culture is inoculated in the system for suitable biofilm formation. In the first treatment phase, the biological processes are used to digest and remove the organic matter. Biomass of heterotrophic bacteria digests the macro suspended solids during their metabolism. Baffle walls directs the waste water stream between the chambers in a sinusoidal fashion.

  1. Advanced Eco – Reactor

Effluent from the Fermentative reactor is pumped into the Advanced Eco-Reactor which is an engineered eco-system which consists of cultured organic and inorganic media which houses a healthy flora of beneficial microbes, enzymes and earthworms which degrade the organic matter as the water trickles/passes through the various layers of the reactor.  Worms break down solids trapped in the AER media and excrete smaller particles and a consortium of microbes. These microbes form a biofilm on the attached growth surface. The filter media increases the contact of the bio-films with the effluent stream and is extremely efficient in retaining and digesting the left over pollutants. Advanced-Eco Reactor utilizes both physical and biological processes to provide high quality treatment. The number of AERs are dependent on the level of treatment required.

  1. Disinfection

Treated water can be used for non potable uses after the disinfection module.


The treated water meets all the latest CPCB and NGT norms for sewage treatment and reuse for non potable uses. The water is being used for recharging the pond and the ground water. It is also being used to develop a biodiversity zone.






BOD (mg/l)




COD (mg/l)









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