1st meeting of Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) For Green Rating Project (Fertilizer sector)

Date: 4th January 2018 Time: 10 am – 5 pm

Venue: Centre for Science and Environment,
41, Tughlakabad Institutional Area, New Delhi- 110062

Background The Green Rating Project (GRP) is a widely acclaimed public disclosure project of Centre for Science and Environment which benchmark the environmental performance and resource efficiency of Indian industries. Operating since 1997, it is aimed at recognising contributions of Indian industry to the preservation of environment. Since last two decades the project has maintained its credibility for in-depth research, high level of transparency and progressive policy advocacy for sustainable solutions and growth.

Till date, total six sectors- Pulp and Paper, Automobile, Chlor-alkali, Cement, Iron & Steel and Thermal power have been rated under GRP. In all the sectors, most companies have voluntarily participated and reaped the benefit from it. The Fertilizer (Urea making) industry is the seventh sector taken up under study by the GRP. The performance of the plants will be evaluated and benchmarked across peers in India and global best practices. The findings of the project will suggest appropriate standards, policies and measures to ensure sustainable growth of the industry.

Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) comprises experts from various fields such as Industry, academia and regulators. TAP members guide in the research study, assure transparency in the rating process and provide independent assurance to the project. The TAP meeting scheduled on 4th January 2018 is the first meeting on the green rating of urea fertilizer making industry.

Discussion Points

1. About Green Rating Project- process, achievement and plan

2. Fertilizer sector- Key issues

3. Selection of Industries

4. Deciding boundary of the study

5. Questionnaire preparation


Chandra Bhushan, Dy. Director General,

I. D. Mall,
TAP member

N. K. Verma,
TAP member

S. Jaggia,
TAP member

V. S. Mathur,
TAP member

Sanjeev K. Kanchan, Programme Manager,

Sugandha Arora, Programme Officer,

Vinay Trivedi, Sr. Research Associate,

Reference documents for meeting

1. Scoping paper for Fertilizer sector

2. Sample list of plants for Rating

3. Model Questionnaire format for reference (Thermal power sector)

4. GRP brochure