2nd National Research Conference on Climate Change

Date: November 5-6, 2011
Venue: IIT Delhi (Reception area, Main building)

We invite you to join us at the Second National Research Conference on Climate Change, which is being organized by the Centre for Science and Environment, IIT Delhi and IIT Madras.

The conference will cover major topics on scientific, technical, economic and policy aspects of climate change relevant to India. The conference follows on last year’s meeting and is intended to further strengthen a network of climate researchers in the South Asian region.

The main goals of this series of conferences are to enhance capacity for climate research and action in India by:

a. Developing an arena for promoting interaction among researchers, analysts and practitioners from across the country;

b. Enhancing understanding of the current state of activities and research capabilities in the country and thereby identifying key lacunae;

c. Deepening and broadening engagement on the climate issue with a particular focus on smaller academic institutions, NGOs, and younger scholars;

d. Strengthening a sense of ‘community” among researchers;

e. Exploring ways to more effectively link climate research and action programs

There will be over 60 researchers/scientists presenting their work in our conference. There will also be a session about government programs and initiatives for supporting climate-related research.

There is a registration fee of Rs 200 per participant.

Second National Research Conference on Climate Change Agenda (pdf)

For more information, get in touch with

Indrajit Bose
Tel: 91-11-29955124; Ext 241
Email: indrajit@cseindia.org