2nd Stakeholders Meeting on Roadmap for Rating System for Water Efficient Fixtures in India

Following the 1st stakeholders meeting on 28th September 2010 (see press note), CSE organized the 2nd stakeholders meeting for rating system for water efficient fixtures on 22nd December 2010. The objective of CSE’s initiative is to develop norms for water-efficient fixtures that would ensure efficiency in terms of water use without compromising on performance. The process is supported by the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD), Government of India, who has also designated CSE as a centre of excellence for sustainable water management.

The draft rating system document was presented by IPA-IPAMO technical committee before the core group formed by CSE for the developing rating system for India. The fixtures categories covered water closets, urinals, showerheads, faucets (including kitchen faucets), hand-held bidets, dishwashers and clothes washers. The rating system for water efficient fixtures once developed and implemented would facilitate informed decision making by the consumers and provide boost to the awareness on water efficiency. The draft rating document would be revised based on the discussion amongst the members.

CSE is now in the process of developing a roadmap document which would be submitted to MoUD by March 2011. 

For more details, please contact Sakshi C Dasgupta on 98119 10901, or write to her at sakshi@cseindia.org